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Truth About Abs By Mike Geary - Detailed Review

Official Truth About Abs Review...

Author: Mike Geary
Level: Beginner to Expert (Men & Women)
Cost: $39.95
Guarantee: 8-Week Money Back Guarantee
Trial Offer: 21-day Trial-Program For 4.95
Bonuses: 3 Bonuses Valued At $150.89 (Limited Time)

Staying in shape and getting that lean body is something that many people obsess over. Both men and women are always wanting to lose a little extra fat off the mid-section and to just be in better shape in general. There is nothing wrong with that and everybody should take care of themselves.

As you may know there are many products, programs, supplement, and diets out there all claiming that you can lose weight. It can definitely be overwhelming and you really don't know whether or not any of these 'weight loss fads' work.

Fortunately, there are a few good weight loss programs available to help you get that sculpted body. There is one program that has gotten the attention of many health nuts. This internationally-popular program is called Truth About Abs written by a health professional named Mike Geary.

Who Is Mike Geary?

Michael Geary is a nationally Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer. He is also the owner of and has a fitness newsletter with close to 500,000 subscribers from around the world.

Is Truth About Abs For You?

Mike designed Truth About Abs to work for just about anyone both men and women. The reason why it works is due to the science behind it which involves nutrition, exercise and developing a positive mindset. This is not a quick fix program to get your lean body and six pack abs and you won't be taking any sort of magical supplement.

Mike Geary has done a great job of putting together a 140 page book that is easy to understand format. You will learn the techniques and strategies that will help lead you to get your six pack and get a lean body. The book is thorough and detailed and covers many of the major concepts about being healthy.

Truth About Abs Meals/Diet/Nutrition

You diet is a vital component when it comes to getting a lean body and a flat stomach. Your body needs to take in meals that will give you the proper nutrition to stay in shape and be healthy. As mentioned before Mike knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition seeing how he's a certified nutritional specialist. Mike will educate you in how to set up your diet that is right for you. The book has over 70 meal combinations that are gear towards getting you those great looking abs and lean body.

Truth About Abs Full-Body/Interval Training

The exercises Mike teaches in the Truth About Abs book can be done either at home or at the gym. You workout in 30-50 minute sessions 3-4 times a week. If you do decide to workout at home you will need some basic equipment such as adjustable dumbbells. You will learn efficient abdominal workout and weight loss strategies through strength and power training. There are plenty of exercises for both men and women to choose from and to fit your work out routines.

Truth About Abs Benefits

- Great program for both men and women
- Comprehensive easy to understand program
- You will notice results within weeks
- Variety of weight loss meals
- Complete body transformation Program
- Plenty of positive testimonials
- Truth About Abs is an established program (since 2004)
- Workout routines can be done right at home
- Training from a professional
- Mike Geary will helps you stay motivated

Truth About Abs Bonuses

Everybody loves bonuses. There are 3 free bonuses that will be included with the Truth About Abs Program valued at around $200. But you can receive the entire Truth About Abs package with bonuses for a one time fee of $40 bucks risk free.

Yes...It comes with an 8-week money back guarantee.


You can take advantage of the 21 day trial offer for $4.95

Side note: I apologize in advance if your reading this and the bonuses are not available. Mike says that this is a limited time offer.

Overall, Truth About Abs has been a program that as proven to work for years now. There are many testimonials of many people who have seen great results from using Mike Geary's Truth About Abs Program. The program will teach you how to get lean and get those washboard abs. Not only that, you will be living a healthy lifestyle with long-lasting results.

Truth About Abs Guarantee

How to Get A Lean Body & Get Rid Of Abdominal Fat

Learning how to get a lean body is not an easy task especially when it comes to trying to lose that flabby stomach fat. It just doesn't seem like it wants to go away.

Fortunately I found a fitness expert named Mike Geary of Truth About Mike only deals with the most effective strategies to finally reveal those washboard six pack abs that everyone wants.

Some of the strategies Mike uses and teaches deal with both diet and training techniques. They deal with getting rid of stomach fat and learning how to get a lean body are proven techniques that Mike focuses on. They have proven to provide lasting and REAL results.

Many people fail to realize that the most effective ways to get rid of abdominal fat are not "ab focused" workouts such as sit ups and crunches. In fact Mike found more effective workouts that stimulate the metabolism better and increase burning fat as you exercise. These exercises will not only get you that six pack, but also give you that lean, cut body. These exercises are designed to literally change the shape of your entire body by boosting your metabolism and therefore burning more fat as a result.

Another vital topic that Mike has researched was cardiovascular exercises. There are many people who waste much of their time and energy doing cardio and getting very little results from it. They also don't realize that some of these monotonous cardio routines might be working against them as well. In Mike's program, he reveals the correct way to do cardio to get the best results.

When learning how to get a lean body and get rid of abdominal fat, your diet becomes an important factor. Many people fail with their diets and it's simply because many of them just don't work. Mike reveals how to develop true and tested healthy eating habits that you can enjoy. You don't need to be so strict that it becomes more like work and less enjoyable. Mike shows you how you can be happy with your new healthy diet and stay away from all the fad-diets out there.

If you are serious about learning how to get a lean body and get rid of abdominal fat that head over to Mike Geary's Truth About Six Pack Abs site today. You will find that this is the exact system Mike and many of his clients use to stay in shape. The Truth About Abs program will help you get rid of abdominal fat so you can finally get the six pack you've always desired.

Here is the site:

Mike is also giving away some great bonuses too. I'm not sure who long they will last though.

Best Way To Get Lean And Ripped - 3 Tips Your Should Know

Watch Truth About Abs Video On You Tube

Looking for the best way to get lean and ripped is not easy even thought there is a wide variety of workout routines and supplements. Many people will have a difficult time building muscle and getting that ripped body. But is all comes down to your diet and moving more. 

1. Diet - Your diet plays an important part in helping your get that sculpted body and your health overall. You need to start avoiding junk foods and food high in sugar and replace with foods such as lean meats, fruits and vegetables. It's okay to have the occasional candy bar or whatever junk food that you're craving. 

2. Building Tighter Muscles
- Getting a lean and cut body is not about lifting weights to bulk up. Resistance training is an important factor to get the results you want which is to get defined and tight muscles. This will help make your muscles harder without necessarily growing them too much.  

3. Increase Intensity - When you increase the duration and intensity of you workout you will simply be working out harder and longer to burn more fat. Try to workout between 45-60 minutes long. Increasing Intensity to your resistance training will help you significantly in getting lean and ripped.

Getting ripped can be a complicated yet easily followed process overall. It may seem complicated due to the science behind it, yet easy because of the steps you need to follow in order to your lean body. Simply put, the best way to get ripped is to lose fat mass and toning muscle.

Visit Truth About Abs For More Information About The Best Way To Get Lean